YH251-3 Horizontal Displacement Handling Pusher


Full length: 167~189 cm
Full width: 81cm
Full height: 74 ~ 111.5 cm
Lifting range: 43~93 cm
Angle adjustment: 0°~70°, the bed surface can be adjusted without a segment angle
Wheels: 12.5cm wheels, central control brakes and linear orientation
Carrying weight: 150 kg

- The main body j is made of iron lacquer.
★The color is subject to the actual product

Sitting and lying horizontal shifting bed, the armrest can be removed and only one person can work, and the patient can be easily and safely completed.
Three functions of “handling”, “shifting” and “transporting”. And can effectively solve and prevent medical staff
Back pain caused by long-term lifting of the patient. Applicable places: hospitals, old-age care and nursing institutions.